Introducing our YouTube Partner Program

Take your channel to the next level by joining our specialised program, built specifically to help creators thrive online.

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Grow Faster

Our YouTube Certified staff are here to help you grow your audience by guiding you through the best practices for Audience Growth!

Powerful Tools

We've developed a suite of unique tools to help you optimize your channel more effectively, so you can achieve more success on YouTube.

Unrivaled Support

Our main company focus is to provide the best support in the industry. Whether that's through our portal, email or a Google Hangout, we're here for you.

Our Partner Portal is our solution to help you take your channel to the next level.

Powerful Tools

Cutting edge YouTube technology built to automate tasks which help you optimize & grow your channel. Start optimizing effectively with us today.

Production Quality Music

Full access and rights to download and monetize over 25,000 songs and 30,000 sound effects from Epidemic Sound's music library, at no cost to you!

Connect & Collaborate

Easily find other channels within our network to work with, based on channel category, location, subscriber count & average views per video.

Help & Guidance

Exclusive guides written by our YouTube Certified staff to teach you the tricks of the trade in growing your channel to its fullest potential.

Join our network!

All Partner Benefits

Access to our powerful Partner Portal

We've developed a suite of powerful tools to help you optimize your channel for growth. We currently have the following tools live:

- Bulk Video Editor (Append, Prepend and Find & Replace your video metadata)
- Bulk Commenter (Comment on multiple videos of your own)
- Group Manual Editor (Edit multiple videos at once in a single window)
- Scheduler (Schedule video actions such as like, comment and add to playlist)
- Link Shortener (Shorten long links with our exclusive domain address)

Connect with like-minded creators

Our Partner Portal includes a dedicated section where you can find similar channels within our network, based on channel category, location, subscriber count and total views. You can then contact these channels within our portal to set up collaborations and other projects you have in mind!

Optimization Help

All our partners are eligible for direct optimization consultation via email from our YouTube certified staff. We'll help you learn all the best practices for audience growth along with specific guidance for your channel.

Epidemic Sound Music Library

We've partnered up with Epidemic Sound to provide our partners with free access to their library of 25,000 songs and 30,000 sound effects! We cover the cost completely to ensure you have all the rights to download, use and monetize their music in your videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to join?

To submit an application, all you need to do is enter your email address in the above box and click 'Connect via YouTube'. Select the YouTube channel you wish to be partnered and you'll then see a quick authorization page from YouTube. Once you accept, your application will be submitted and you'll hear from us shortly.

How much revenue can I earn?

It's up to you how much revenue you earn. We provide all partners with the same tools and service to help them grow their channel.

What rights do I have to give to Exonia?

We simply ask for the right to monetize your video content on your behalf. You stay in complete control and retain total ownership of your channel and videos. You are free to create whatever videos you wish; you do not need to consult us on the videos you create.

What makes Exonia different to other networks?

We're completely dedicated to providing the best service to each and every partner in our network. As the number of channels we work with grows, we're hiring more staff to ensure the quality of service is not jeopardized. We've developed a powerful suite of tools to give you the freedom to improve your channel, in the ways you want to. This is in addition to the service we have built our company from, whereby you can contact us at any point for technical issues, optimization help or general business advice.

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